Father, husband, geek, ninja, aspiring photographer creating my vision and exploring where my creativity takes me.

When I make a photograph, I take care of having a wide range of colours, light / dark extremes and if possible textures. Using this recipe, I can approach a subject that has potentially been photographed thousands of times and come up with an original result. Most of my work is created using a technique called High-Dynamic Range photography. Using this technique I can effectively display as much detail in the dark and bright areas of a scene. This basically mimics how the human eye can perceive colours and light, as opposed to a traditional photograph which needs to adjusts the exposure in order to get the maximum possible range for a singular subject.

Some of my images look surreal and painting like. In some cases this "look" suits the scene though in others I try to tone down any extreme elements of a scene.

I won't stop working on a photo until I'm happy with it, that's just how I work.

Please feel free to leave me comments. I would love to hear from you!

Patrick Leger
Ottawa, Canada